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Childrens Ministry

At KIDS, we are passionate about guiding this generation of children to love Jesus. We do this together with families.

Christmas is coming... it's KIDS favourite time of the year.

Christmas is a magical time and this year at KIDS we want to make it a special family time where we can show our love to others. This week we would love for you to take the candy cane challenge with us!

What is the candy cane challenge? First print out these gift labels. Next attach the labels to candy canes and then go with your children to give them out to people that you meet. 
Who could you give the candy canes too? Anyone that you meet during the next week. Neighbours, the checkout operator, the bank attendant, the shop assistant, any person that you meet on the footpath are a few that we have thought of to get you started.

We will leave it up to you to decide you how many candy canes you give out.

Give the candy cane challenge a try and let it light up your family and community the Christmas season.

Our KIDS groups

Beginner KIDS

Age 0 to 3 years
Interactive bible stories, music, snacks and playtime.
Saturday 9.30—10.30am

Kindy KIDS

Kindy—grade 1 at school
Engaging music, stories, show and tell and craft.
Saturday 9.30—10.30am

Primary KIDS

Grade 2 to Grade 4
Crazy challenges, memorable object lessons with life application, high energy songs, and craft creations.
Saturday 9.30—10.30am

Music KIDS

0-18 months
A 6 week music program designed for babies and toddlers. Registration is essential. To register phone 07 3808 3833 (during office hours) or contact the KIDS team
Saturday 10—10.30am

Want to know more? You can contact the KIDS team for further information.

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SPLAT Playgroup

0-5 years
Children from 0 years - Prep will enjoy our structured program with songs, finger plays, free outdoor play, craft, messy play, gross motor activities, ryhmes music and stories.

We meets each Wednesday 9.30-11.30am during school terms.

Want to know more about SPLAT Playgroup? You can contact the KIDS team for further information.

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