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Dr Timothy R. Jennings

Dr Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., FAPA at Springwood SDA Church.

Seminars cost: Free

Friday 1 May 7:30pm - Cancelled due to extreme weather event

New seminar schedule

Saturday 2 May 9:30am
The God Shaped Brain: How Changing Your View of God Transforms Your Life

Our brains are in a constant state of flux. Moment by moment new connections are forming, idle tracks are being pruned back and brain circuits are changing. Discover how our beliefs change our brain wiring, our physical health, and even which genes are turned on or turned off. Do your beliefs matter – more than you ever knew!


  • - Identify the relationship between belief and physical and mental health.
  • - Examine the scientific evidence documenting how a change in belief can alter brain function resulting in a change in health.
  • - Formulate a methodology for separating healthy from unhealthy beliefs.

Saturday 2 May 11:00am
Designer or Dictator an Exploration of God’s Law and Justice

How we view God changes us, physically and spiritually. How we conceive of God’s law and justice fires either love circuits or fear circuits and impacts our ability to love and trust. In this presentation Dr. Jennings explores the Biblical record of God’s law and how tradition slowly changed human conception of God and His law.

  • - Differentiate between natural and imposed law
  • - Differentiate the justice of natural versus imposed law
  • - Explore the divergence of love versus fear based beliefs upon religious and social activities


Parenting Seminars

Cost: Free

Child minding will be available during these parenting seminars.

Saturday 2 May 2:30pm
The Developing Brain

Experience changes brain structure and function. Beginning before conception, continuing in utero and through life, explore how environment, experience and choice alter human DNA and impact brain structure and function. The human brain is pliable and changeable and our experience causes our brain to change. This change begins in our parents genes prior to our conception, continues in the womb and persists throughout life. In this presentation we will explore how parental choices affect the developing brain and follow that through into childhood to explore how healthy nurturing, traumatic experience, diet, addictive substances, television, and even belief in God alter our, genes, brain structure and brain function.


  1. Discuss environmental influences to brain development
  2. Recognize the significance of transgenerational epigentic influences to human DNA and brain function
  3. Identify specific interventions to promote healthy brain development


Saturday 2 May 4:00pm
Fix for Failing Families

God designed the family to be a haven of love, compassion, nurturance and support. Unfortunately, families are under attack, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, in the U.S. almost 900,000 children are victims of abuse each year, and 77% of childhood deaths are caused by one or both parents. And what about religion? Studies indicate that the more religious a home the higher the likelihood of child abuse. Something is wrong. Come to this lecture and discover Godly principles to bring healing to your family.


  • - Describe factors which undermine family health
  • - Identify factors which promote family wellness
  • - Formulate interventions to resolve family conflict and restore healthy relationships

Not sure how to keep the kids entertained during the parenting seminars?

Child minding will be available between 2:30 - 5:00pm for parents attending these seminars.

Activities will include music and crafts.
Ages catered for: 3 - 12yrs.
Location: Children’s Ministries Area